"Advancing transformative change for the well-being of Mtis children, youth and families"

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About Island Mtis Community Services

Mtis Community Services goal is to help families establish relationships of peer support and mutual aid as well as providing the time-limited services as part of our mandate. The dual and sometimes conflicting goals of family preservation and child safety/wellness are advanced through our cultural programming and the involvement of extended family networks. Family Group Conferencing and other family-finding ventures are used to broaden the caring circle around the child and to create more safety.

Mission Statement
Island Mtis Family & Community Service Society -- serving the Mtis People of Vancouver Island. The purpose and mandate of Mtis Community Services (MCS) is to research, develop, deliver and evaluate human service programs for the approximately 8,000 Mtis people who live on Vancouver Island.

Programs available through Island Mtis Community Services

Family Visitation Program
This program is has been set up to provide Mtis families who have been separated from their children the opportunity to spend time together in a healthy Mtis environment exploring parenting and family communication skills, and accessing individualized supports and services to assist families through poverty related concerns such as a lack of affordable housing and drug and alcohol related concerns.

Family Support Service
Individualized supports and planning to families with Mtis children and youth. The objectives of this program is to increase positive parenting, increase the safety and well being of children and families, support families as they work with the MCFD, identify community supports for Mtis youth, increase youth awareness of the Mtis community and culture, preserve family connections, and ensure adequate housing.

Collaborative Practice
These include: Family Case Planning, Traditional Dispute Resolution, Youth Transition Conferences, and Family Development Response which are all methods used to assist children, youth and families in finding solutions to issues and concerns that get in the way of making successful choices and decisions. All are facilitated and supportive processes inviting professionals and families to work cooperatively for improved outcomes

FASD Key Worker
Individualized and group supports to FASD affected children youth and their families. The objectives of this program include early diagnosis, appropriate intervention, increased awareness and understanding of FASD as a brain-based disorder and environmental adaptations to increase positive outcomes for FASD affected children and their families.

Cultural Support Programs
Individual and group supports to Mtis children, youth and families including, teaching pride in belonging to the Mtis community; assistance with genealogy research, looking to traditional values and ways to overcome troubling issues or concerns, a web-based forum for discussion of issues of concern to Mtis people and creating Mtis Soma, a place of Belonging.

Fire Keepers Elders Health Program
A Mtis Elders group which meets twice a month. The group does various crafts together and brings food to share for the gatherings. The Elders run the group, but it is hosted at the Island Mtis Community Services agency.

Featured Resources

Proud to be Metis!: The Cultural Booklet we send to families is now available online!

MCCF Cultural Information Package: A collection of Metis cultural resources and information to support service delivery and planning for Metis children, youth and families.

MCCF Quality Assurance Framework: Continuous Quality Improvement for Mtis Children and Family Services in British Columbia, March 2011

MCCF 2011 Provincial Catalogue:
A catalogue to provide immediate contact information about available services to assist the Mtis communities, Mtis families, Ministry and non-Ministry front line workers in supporting Metis people.