"Advancing transformative change for the well-being of Mtis children, youth and families"

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About Mtis Community Services Society of BC

Mtis Community Services Society of BC has a mandate from the Mtis citizens to provide integrated, holistic, family centered, wraparound services to all those who need assistance, with special emphasis on Aboriginal populations, specifically Mtis populations.

Mission Statement
To provide programs and services to Mtis People in the Central Okanagan.

To be the quality provider of all programs and services to Mtis People in the Okanagan.

We believe in honouring our Mtis culture and in fostering pride in our history.
We believe in focusing in on family strengths knowing that there are many resources and much knowledge within our Mtis families.
We believe in working professionally, confidentially, and respectfully with our clients, practicing ethically at all times.
We believe in creating a safe and nurturing environment in which people will be open to change and growth.
We believe when you heal a child you heal a family, when you heal a family you heal a community and when you heal a community you heal a Nation.

Programs available through Mtis Community Services Society of BC

Roots Program
The Roots program was developed as a response to the fact that almost half of the children and youth in care of the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) are Aboriginal. According to Kelowna statistics, almost half of these children and youth are of Mtis heritage. It is a collaborative initiative involving MCFD, First Nations, and the Mtis. The Mtis Roots Program also works in conjunction with other services and programs within MCSBC in order to facilitate increased connections between Mtis children and their families, community, and culture.

Family Preservation
The family preservation program promotes the safety and well-being of Mtis children and families as well as preservation of family unity where children's safety can be supported. The program works to maintain permanency for children by empowering families to achieve or sustain independence and self-sufficiency.

Family Support Program
This program provides families the assistance to foster a healthy and positive lifestyle. The Family Support Worker (FSW) is able to provide parents with strategies to help in maintaining a safe and healthy living environment for their children. There is also the ability to gain greater connection to the community, cultural events, and other professional referrals via the FSW. The FSW is also able to attend family planning meetings, mediations, case conferences and court, alongside family members.

Youth Support Programs
Mtis Community Services Youth Program offers unique and fun opportunities for children and youth to learn about and be part of their culture. Currently there are 5 programs that children and youth can participate in. Back to Mother Earth offers youth ages 10+ a chance to come together and learn about the traditional and cultural uses of the world around them as well as how to preserve the earth for future generations. The Youth Embroidery Group is for youth ages 10+ to learn about the traditional art of embroidery as well as how to sew different useful objects. The Mtis Youth Circle is for youth ages 12-16 and offers a cultural learning experience that encourages them to speak up and to develop cultural pride and knowledge with the goal of enabling self advocacy. The Child and Youth Drumming Circle is for ages 7+. It gives children a chance to try out native hand drumming, singing and self expression. This is a therapeutic and fun event for kids. The Mtis Kids Craft is a day for children ages 6+ and their parents or caregivers to come together to make a fun craft and learn something about culture and crafting techniques. These groups are available over the year. Pre-registration is required.

Holistic Wellness for Metis and Aboriginal Parents
This program offers five distinct groups for parents whose children have experienced trauma and relationship attachment wounding. There are four groups that are educational, experiential and empowerment focused and one support group. The core group is Holistic Wellness for Parents, a 10 week psycho-educational group. Understanding and Caring is a 9 week group for parents to learn skills in self regulation to teach their children this by identifying triggers, understanding the influence of the brain-body connection and skills for improved functioning. Yes, I Can and Self-care is a 16 week course that explores the connections between cultural values, beliefs, practices and positive ways to address patterned addictive behaviours and links this with specifics related to personal safety, self care and wellness. The Power of Parents course is based on Dr. Gordon Neufelds work. It is an eight week course to increase parents effectiveness through learning methods for increasing connection and trust with their children. The Talking Circle is a drop-in support group for parents and caregivers for one hour each week. All the groups are available over the year. Pre-registration is required. Call Leda Cedar at 250-868-0351 to pre-register, get more information or ask questions.

Attachment-Focused Play Therapy
This program is part of the Child and Family Therapeutic Centres holistic programming for the Aboriginal/Mtis Community. It is funded by Interior Health Authority to provide early intervention with children needing supportive early child intervention. The target population are Aboriginal children from the ages of infant to 12, who exhibit challenging developmental concerns or a formal diagnosis of FASD/ARND.

Youth and Family Therapy/Counseling
This program has been implemented to provide urban Mtis with the therapy support, tools, and service to promote foster a healthy family system, in a wrap-around style of service. The Youth and Family Therapist provides teens and adults with professional support services while working as part of a multi-disciplinary team to perform assessments, coordinate client care, and provide treatment services that are culturally appropriate for Mtis youth and adults with severe mental health issues, personal trauma, family and intergenerational loss.

Aboriginal Infant Development Program
The Aboriginal Infant Development program assists families with children 0-5 years of age who may be at risk with developmental delays. This age is the most important time in a babys growth and development. The Aboriginal Infant Development Consultant works in respectful ways to support families, their infants and children through developmental stages. Babys early developmental screening and assessments can help to make a difference in their lifelong learning and well-being.

Aboriginal Supported Childhood Development
The Aboriginal Supported Childhood Development Program offers culturally appropriate services to children who may benefit from additional support. Services are provided in child care centres, home and in the community. Cultural and spiritual connections are what make this program unique to Aboriginal communities. Aboriginal Supported Childhood Development provides services for children who require extra support in the following domains: physical, cognitive, communicative, social, emotional, and behavioural.

Featured Resources

Proud to be Metis!: The Cultural Booklet we send to families is now available online!

MCCF Cultural Information Package: A collection of Metis cultural resources and information to support service delivery and planning for Metis children, youth and families.

MCCF Quality Assurance Framework: Continuous Quality Improvement for Mtis Children and Family Services in British Columbia, March 2011

MCCF 2011 Provincial Catalogue:
A catalogue to provide immediate contact information about available services to assist the Mtis communities, Mtis families, Ministry and non-Ministry front line workers in supporting Metis people.