"Advancing transformative change for the well-being of Mtis children, youth and families"


Colleen Fines

Having grown up throughout the unceded territories of the Tsimpshian, Coast Salish and now the Secwepemc peoples, I have been blessed to experience the diversity of cultural traditions which exist among First Nation, Inuit and Mtis people. As a Mtis woman, I am driven to use my knowledge, experience and voice in order to highlight the importance of reconnecting and maintaining Mtis children and families with their culture. I have experienced first-hand the disconnection of family and culture, and because of this I greatly value connection and the celebration of ones cultural identity. I believe very strongly that Mtis people must have a connection to their cultural roots and communities in order to foster healthy community and family connections.

As a social worker, I have worked with women and children fleeing abuse, with individuals experiencing struggles with mental health and substance use, and with people who have been involved with the criminal justice system. I believe that all of these issues are connected. Over the past seventeen years I have argued for the elimination of discrimination of not only our people, but for all oppressed people.

I am a granddaughter, daughter, sister, mother, aunty, niece and cousin. I value family, and wish that mine wasnt spread so widely, so that we could spend some more time together. I love nature and try to be outside as often as possible. I love to both watch and take part in traditional ceremonies and celebrations. I am thankful for all of the gifts that Gitche Manitou has given me, because they allow me to help others.

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