"Advancing transformative change for the well-being of Métis children, youth and families"


Ferne Strain - President

Ferne is proud, passionate Métis woman who has spent her adult life helping others.  She has a Master’s of Social Work Degree and has worked in many areas of community service.  Currently she works as a Child and Youth Mental Health clinician, as well as owning/operating a private counselling practice.  Ferne also spent 6 years as a guardianship social worker in an urban Aboriginal agency and has volunteered at countless non-profit agencies over the years.

Ferne is the mother to 9 children, 8 of whom were adopted from the foster care system.  As a result, she thoroughly understands the needs and barriers children in foster care face, including the right of Métis children to have their cultural needs met.

Message from the President

As the new president of the Métis Commission for Children and Families of B.C, I would like to share my excitement in being part of a new beginning for MCCFBC. I would like to thank the Métis community members for voicing their concerns at our recent AGM. I want to assure the community that the board is reflecting on the past and changing to ensure a new era emerges that reflects Métis values of honesty and integrity. MCCFBC is working on repairing relationships with our service providers, assessing our service delivery and repairing our reputation. I offer a commitment to the Métis community – your voices have been heard and will continue to be heard. MCCFBC’s goal for the coming year is to have an organization that is accountable, transparent and that represents the Métis community’s voice.

We have started working on these changes to ensure transparency and accountability to the Métis community: We have hired a new CEO, Eva Coles, who has leadership experience and an honourable reputation in the First Nations community:

  • We had an AGM in September, 2014 which representatives from all areas attended
  • We have a business plan and strategic plan in progress
  • A new executive has been formed with a new president, secretary and treasurer
  • We have a new HR policy committee formed with a staff representative, Commissioners and the CEO
  • We are redoing policies and procedures that include adding an exit interview and a whistle blower policy, reviewing the reporting structure and confidentiality  expectations for Commissioners
  • The CEO is providing monthly activity reports and is working hard to rebuild relationships with the service providers
  • Strategy sessions for provincial Métis service providers are set for spring 2015
  • First newsletter since 2012 distributed with updates on the Commission's purpose, as well as changes at the Commission
  • All of the auditors suggestions have been implemented
  • 360 evaluation is on the agenda for future Commissioners meeting for full review
  • Monthly financial statements now go to all Commissioners for their review at the same time as the treasurer receives them
  • Staff are now invited to board meetings and are actively solicited for their input

I am honoured to be a part of the Métis community and look forward to the renewal and challenges that lay ahead for MCCFBC. I would also like to acknowledge the sacrifices and resilience our ancestors demonstrated that made us a distinct culture that we are today.

Ferne Strain, President

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