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Metis Cultural Activities and Games


This electronic copy of the children's story Changes tells the tale of a young Métis child named Kona who asks the Gathering Spirit a number of questions about the changing seasons.

The Turtle Teachings (English)

The Turtle Teachings (Michif/Cree)

These 2 links provide audio tellings of Penny Condon's children's book, "Changes".


Giving Tree Story Activity 1

Giving Tree Story Activity 2

These two links provide possible activities that can be done in extension of/collaboration with the "The Giving Tree Story".


Métis Colouring Book

This fun link provides some colouring activities for children. The booklet introduces some Métis culturally identifiable artifacts.

Métis Socialization and Entertainment

Providing an overview of traditional activities including dance, fiddling, games and sports, this document highlights various integral components of Métis culture and tradition.

The Sash: Metis Fingerweaving

This webpage links to 4 different instructional videos on advanced Metis fingerweaving.


Who is Louis Riel?

This link accesses an electronic children's book about Louis Riel.  It provides a brief bit of history as told by a mother to her children on who Louis Riel was and why he is important to the Metis.


Wolf Willow: Decorative Art

This article describes the traditional use of Wolf Willow by Métis artisans as well as medicine people.

Featured Resources

Proud to be Metis!: The Cultural Booklet we send to families is now available online!

MCCF Cultural Information Package: A collection of Metis cultural resources and information to support service delivery and planning for Metis children, youth and families.

MCCF Quality Assurance Framework: Continuous Quality Improvement for Métis Children and Family Services in British Columbia, March 2011

MCCF 2011 Provincial Catalogue:
A catalogue to provide immediate contact information about available services to assist the Métis communities, Métis families, Ministry and non-Ministry front line workers in supporting Metis people.