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Metis Society and Social Structures

Mtis Communities in Western Canada

This article discusses a diverse group of Mtis communities in Western Canada. Many of the communities, which exist in Western Canada have been founded by the Mtis. These communities are very diverse in terms of economic development and cultural orientation, which is a testament to the diversity of Mtis experience. The location, history, habitat, trading systems, transportation methods, food, religion, clothing, education and social life of these Mtis communities is also discussed.

Mtis Educational Life

Providing an introduction to traditional Mtis Educational Life, this document examines the structure of traditional Mtis education. This paper also delves into the role of education as related to the fur trade, as well as examining the residential school system in relation to Mtis children.

Mtis Family Life

An examination of the importance and structure of Mtis Family Life is presented within this document. It provides detailed information on kinship ties, family structures, traditional Mtis weddings as well as various other important aspects of Mtis culture.

Mtis Homeland: Its Settlements and Communities

Examining the Right to the Land as well as Harvesting Rights, this paper provides an overview of Mtis settlements in Western Canada.

Mtis Socialization and Entertainment

Providing an overview of traditional activities including dance, fiddling, games and sports, this document highlights various integral components of Mtis culture and tradition.

Mtis Trappers and Hide Working

This article discusses how the Mtis have always been adept trappers and how in the past, the Mtis had been more reliant on trapping than currently.

Red River Cart

Discussions on the enduring Mtis symbol of the Red River Cart are presented within this document. The paper examines the importance and significance of the Red River Cart in the early history of the Mtis people.

Traditional Mtis Housing and Shelter

Various Mtis housing structures from tipis and wigwams, winter houses, sod houses, Road Allowance houses to modern houses are presented in this article. The various materials used to build these types of houses are also discussed.

Traditional Mtis Transportation

This resource provides information about various forms of transportation developed and used by the Mtis. These were used both on land and water and included canoes, Red River carts, York boats, snowshoes, dogs, and horses.

Women of the Mtis Nation

This resource examines the importance of Mtis women within their society. It also examines the role of Mtis women in the revitalization of Mtis culture.

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