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Other Information About Metis

BC Métis Success Stories

This Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) site offers an overview of the Métis Nation Relationship Accord, as well as highlighting various programs addressing Métis economic and social advancement. The site also offers personal testimonials of Métis youth whom have participated in, and benefited from recent programs.

Circle of Courage

Developed by Dr. Martin Brokenleg, and utilized by Island Métis Family Services, the Circle of Courage encompasses key traditional values including: Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity.

Kelly Lake, British Columbia Métis

This document discusses the formation of the Métis identity in North Eastern British Columbia. The paper examines the development of the Kelly Lake Métis settlement, as well as the history surrounding the fur trade in the region.

Métis Communities in Western Canada

This article discusses a diverse group of Métis communities in Western Canada. Many of the communities, which exist in Western Canada have been founded by the Métis. These communities are very diverse in terms of economic development and cultural orientation, which is a testament to the diversity of Métis experience. The location, history, habitat, trading systems, transportation methods, food, religion, clothing, education and social life of these Métis communities is also discussed.

Métis Homeland: Its Settlements and Communities

Examining the Right to the Land as well as Harvesting Rights, this paper provides an overview of Métis settlements in Western Canada.

Red River Cart

Discussions on the enduring Métis symbol of the Red River Cart are presented within this document. The paper examines the importance and significance of the Red River Cart in the early history of the Métis people.

Featured Resources

Proud to be Metis!: The Cultural Booklet we send to families is now available online!

MCCF Cultural Information Package: A collection of Metis cultural resources and information to support service delivery and planning for Metis children, youth and families.

MCCF Quality Assurance Framework: Continuous Quality Improvement for Métis Children and Family Services in British Columbia, March 2011

MCCF 2011 Provincial Catalogue:
A catalogue to provide immediate contact information about available services to assist the Métis communities, Métis families, Ministry and non-Ministry front line workers in supporting Metis people.